Our Story

Traveling to Mexico changed everything for us. The flavors in Mexico City, on the Yucatan, in Puebla or in Oaxaca were unlike anything else we ever experienced in Europe.

Listening and talking to the Mexican people we soon understood what the common denominator of many of these incredibly tasty dishes is – freshly made tortillas using real masa.

Real masa means no corn flour, no additives and no industrial production.

Real masa means three ingredients and a time-tested, century-old production process that has been adjusted only slightly to reflect our modern times.

The taste, texture, smoothness, color and smell completely blow you away and, when you are from Mexico and have childhood memories of getting freshly made tortillas from just around the corner, this evokes a certain, beautiful feeling of nostalgia.

We have made it our mission to make the best tortillas in Europe without any compromise and bring them to the large and rising number of restaurants here.

To achieve that we went to great lengths to acquire the two key ingredients that you can only find in Mexico – corn and knowledge.

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