Taco Kit - Carnivore
Taco Kit - Carnivore
Taco Kit - Carnivore
Taco Kit - Carnivore

Taco Kit - Carnivore

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Taco 1 - Mole Poblano & Braised Chicken 
Taco 2 - Pulled Pork & Salsa #1

8 Corn Tortillas
200g Mole & Chicken
200g Pulled Pork
200ml Salsa #1
200g Mixed Pickles
1 Red Onion
1 Lime
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Ingredients for about 8 Tacos.

Salsa #1 and Mixed Pickles is more what you need for 8 tacos. So feel free to get some extra tortillas and have leftover quesadillas or get creative.

Taco Kit does not include coriander. It would not make the shipping.

Where do we source our meat from?
Odefey & Töchter (chicken)
Bioland Fleischerei Fricke (pork)

Shelf life
Tortillas: 7 days in the refrigerator.
All other ingredients: 1 month in the refrigerator (unopened)


Mole Poblano: Walnuts, peanuts, sesame seedsMixed Pickles: Mustard seeds


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